Which One Works Best: Propane Grill or Natural Gas Grill?

Which One Works Best: Propane Grill or Natural Gas Grill

One good method to cook food is by the means of a gas grill. A gas grill is a nice investment that you can make if you are into the delicious food that is cooked outdoors. The gas grill provides you with excellent food, worthwhile cooking experience and bonding with your family and friends. Although a lot of people prefer a charcoal grill, many others want the convenience of a gas grill because it is a good alternative to the charcoal ones.

However, as soon as you decide to give gas grill a try, you are presented with the dilemma of selecting between a standard propane grill and the natural gas type. There have been many propane grill vs. natural gas grill debates and it often leaves consumers wondering which is the better choice between the two.

Do you want to find out which of those grills would work best for you? If yes, then you need to read the rest of this article. Some common attributes of the natural gas grill and the propane gas grill are provided here. You can decide which one fits your cooking style or lifestyle the best and suits your needs.

Propane and Natural Gas Grills

Propane is produced from petroleum and has hydrocarbons. It contains carbon and hydrogen atoms that are known as aliphatic hydrocarbons. The propane gas grill is the kind of grill that is typically used by the majority of households. It uses propane (which is also known as LPG or liquefied petroleum gas) to fuel the grill.

Propane is contained inside a compact tank and as soon as the tank runs out of propane, users can easily purchase another tank from retail outlets.

Propane can be easily stored inside the tanks because it is compressed at a particular temperature of around -46 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, it condenses into liquid form. It remains in its liquid state until it is expanded.

The natural gas grill uses a gas known as fossil fuel. It is chiefly composed of methane. Natural gas is used for the purposes of cooking in ovens and gas ranges as well as heating for houses. Sometimes it is even used for cloth dryers. Unlike propane gas, natural gas is not stored in tanks. It can be compressed or liquefied but most of the time, it is used in its usual, un-liquefied state.

When it comes to availability, propane is more convenient than natural gas because it can be stored in tanks. LPG or liquid petroleum gas now comes in propane tanks. This kind of storage makes the tanks easier to transport and they can be delivered directly by the companies that produce them.

Natural gas, on the other hand, is not typically compressed and stored in tanks. It makes this kind of gas more difficult to allocate and distribute. In addition, natural gas might not be made available in several countryside locales.

When it comes to British Thermal Units or BTUs, propane has more energy as compared to natural gas. Single cubic foot of propane has over 2,500 BTUs while single cubic foot of natural gas has only a little more than 1,000 BTUs.

There are plenty of ways to observe safety with propane and natural gases. Some individuals say that natural gas is the safest option available because this gas is often lighter. The gas only hovers in the air and then disperses. On the other hand, propane is heavier and therefore it drops to the ground.

However, natural gas is believed to be a greenhouse gas because it is released into the surroundings. This means that once it is leaked into the environment, it might have some damaging effects on it. Propane is not considered to be a greenhouse gas therefore it is not as harmful as the natural gas.

Both types of gases mentioned here are believed to be safe and clean in general. Their emissions are not very damaging to the environment. Both items are considered safe. However, if they are not handled in the correct manner, these gases might also prove to be harmful.

The Benefits of Propane Grills

The Benefits of Propane Grills

If you think that dealing with wood and charcoal items is a hassle in your grilling procedure, you should check out other cooking equipment to make your grilling activities fun. Why not test the convenience of a propane grill? If you want to know more why a lot of people are into using this product, you should read the rest of this article and find out.

Propane gas grills are outdoor cooking grills that use propane as their primary fuel resource instead of standard grilling items such as charcoal or wood. Propane grills are grouped into two types: the first type is linked straight to the home gas circuit while the other type is the wheeled one that includes refillable propane tanks.

If you want a cleaner way of grilling and making barbecues, you should definitely give propane grill a try because it makes those activities easier.

Propane grills come with a lot of benefits and once you have tested them, you may want to give your old charcoal grill away and invest in a functional propane grill. It is a great addition to any kitchen and although there are still arguments given by the individuals who prefer charcoal grills over propane ones, it is believed that the latter is, in fact, cleaner and more handy for everyday use.

There are lots of propane grill brands available in the market today. Therefore, you would not find it difficult to select the one that suits your needs.

Allows users to save time

You do not need to spend a lot of prep time on a propane grill. Majority of propane grills take less than 10 minutes to heat up. As users heat the grill, they can prepare their fish or meat by adding marinade and positioning the food on the tinfoil. Propane grill is recommended for both everyday meals and weekend barbecues. If you are using a propane grill for cooking your everyday meals, you would not be often tempted to eat fast food.

Allows even heating

Because of the even heating that it provides, propane grill lets users cook the meat without much prior knowledge of cooking needed. This also results in balanced flavor and taste. Furthermore, balanced distribution of heat throughout the food minimizes the chances of individuals contracting food poisoning from bacteria such as E. Coli and salmonella.

A cinch to clean

Cooking with this equipment means that you won’t have to deal with cooking with a lot of additional dishes. Propane grills are very easy to clean. As soon as users are finished grilling, they must turn the heat a few notches and once the smoke disappears, they can turn the heat off and use a brush to get rid of any leftover buildup.

To maintain a clean grill, users can simply close it up. If the grill includes a side tray for meat preparation, users can clean it up with antibacterial kitchen spray to prevent contamination.

Perfect for other types of food

You can cook different food items on a propane grill other than meats. Users can also grill vegetables such as corn and eggplants on a propane grill. Propane grills are ideal for grilling tender cuts of meats such as chicken, pork or fish.

It’s a safe device to use for teaching grilling methods

People who cook are always interested in grilling. Propane grills are a great way to practice one’s grilling skills because the heat from the device is controllable. Majority of propane grills usually feature temperature gauges therefore they are reasonably safe for practicing or teaching other people grilling techniques.

Provides safer outdoor cooking

As mentioned earlier, the heat from a propane grill is controllable. It cooks evenly and the chances of getting infection and food poisoning are minimal using this device. It is a healthier alternative to charcoal grill briquettes because it does not contain unsafe chemicals. The propane is alleviated with water and this allows a steam effect to evenly cook meats or fish with organic elements.

Portable and convenient

There are disposable charcoal grills available. However, if you are not fond of charcoal, you can opt for portable propane models. Portable propane gill provides all the benefits of a barbecue grill and can easily fit into your vehicle. The portable models are travel-friendly therefore you can take them with you for camping, beach excursions or any outdoor event.